Harbor Hospital (LTACH) - Beaumont Texas

Harbor Hospital is a new 30 bed facility providing comprehensive specialty care to all appropriate patients, especially those in need of ventilator weaning, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, wound care, intravenous infusions and hemodialysis.

The completion of this new facility provides an even more excellent environment for our patients and their families seeking the highest quality long term acute care.

The LTACH is proud to have the very strong support of our local medical community and the superior guidance of our team of medical directors. This support has increased since relocating to our new facility, which allows us to expand excellent long term acute care services throughout the Beaumont area.

Who is Harbor Hospital (LTACH)

Harbor Hospital of Southeast Texas is a modern, patient focused facility that delivers the latest in acute care and comprehensive therapies for patients requiring extended hospital stays.

Harbor Hospital provides diagnostic amd medical treatment or rehabilition to patients with chronic diseases or complex medical conditions whose average length of stay meets or exceeds 25 days.

“Harbor Hospital of Southeast Texas is building on a shared desire to bring the highest level of critical and acute care to patients with respiratory disease and other complex medical illnesses.”

- Qamar Arfeen, MD, FCCP